Constitution & Bylaws Committee Proposals

Delegates will consider three proposals at the House of Delegates meeting at the AAPG Annual Convention in Long Beach, Calif. Two of the proposals deal with change of membership classifications.

House Chair Jeff Lund said the proposals were generated from the HoD Constitution & Bylaws Committee, chaired by Dave Entzminger.

The membership classification proposals are:

  • Membership Simplification Proposal.
  • Membership Class Solution Proposal.

Both proposals address the present member classifications of the Association (Active, Emeritus, Honorary, Student and Associate) with the aim of simplifying and clarifying the classification scheme.

The C&BLC voted unanimously meeting to present both proposals at the Long Beach meeting for delegate discussion of both proposals.  Both proposals are  forwarded without endorsement from the C&BLC.

After discussion on the House floor, an informal vote could be solicited from the delegates to establish which proposal or parts of the proposals, if any, the House would endorse.  The C&BLC would then rewrite the appropriate sections of the bylaws needed to follow the House’s endorsement and bring it to a formal vote in 2013.

Delegates will also consider a Strategic Plan Amendment proposing “Any recommendations to the Executive Committee involving potential amendments to the Constitution and Bylaws, shall also be forward to the House of Delegates for review and comment.”

The proposals have been sent to delegates and published online.

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